A woman with children and a Bolsa Familia card

A financial diaries project in Brazil with CGAP and Caixa reveals seasonal income is problematic for Brazil's new middle class.

CGAP's smallholder financial diaries project, tracking 90 households, is underway in Pakistan, Tanzania and Mozambique. 

Chidi Okpala presents at the Digital Finance Seminar

CGAP, IFC and The World Bank hosted a seminar about the role of digital finance has in tackling poverty. Watch the webcast.

The companies which are trailblazing in mobile money and branchless banking have learned from failures to achieve success.

About CGAP

CGAP (the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor) is a global partnership of 34 leading organizations that seek to advance financial inclusion. CGAP develops innovative solutions through practical research and active engagement with financial service providers, policy makers, and funders to enable approaches at scale. Housed at the World Bank, CGAP combines a pragmatic approach to responsible market development with an evidence-based advocacy platform to increase access to the financial services the poor need to improve their lives.


April 11, 2014
While many banked people already use mobile banking in China, the country also has the potential to emerge as an important success story for branchless banking and financial inclusion and potentially a new paradigm.
March 24, 2014
To develop a deeper and organizational level of understanding customers, a cross-functional team at Janalakshmi, a microfinance institution in India serving over a million customers in urban areas, applied a design thinking process facilitated by innovation consultants.This brochure describes the process and the tool used to create customer profiles.

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